The phrase that pays - pro tips for product sales

Professionals know that part of doing treatments on clients is recommending products for them to take home. The dreaded retail sales.

Many aestheticians talk about how much they dislike selling products to their clients. Saying clients don’t want to buy products because they already have too much, or the products are too expensive. Those are simply excuses!

It’s really not about selling! It’s a disservice to your clients well being not to educate them on home care. When clients come in for a treatment they are seeking to improve something or address a concern they may have. Asking the right questions during the consultation portion of any treatment can better help you educate your clients on what treatment they need and what products they can use at home.

Clients have come to see you - the professional. And giving advice on home care products is part of the service.

Here are some tips to help you navigate product recommendations.

1. How does that sounds?
This is dubbed the phrase that pays. Whenever you give your client advise or recommend a product, follow it by asking your client “how does that sounds?” This gives the client the opportunity to voice any questions or concerns they may have. It also helps you gage where your client stands when it comes to particular products.

2. Repeat back client concerns and goals.
Part of a good consultation is asking clients what they are wanting to achieve from their treatment. Listen to the answer then repeat it back to them. This may sound silly but often their language could vary from yours. Getting clarification on why they are seeking treatments will allow you to recommend appropriate products.

3. Embrace gift with purchase idea.
Gift with purchase ideas are limitless. You could offer clients a complimentary service with purchase of products. For example you could offer a complimentary facial with the purchase of facial starter kit, or any skin care product of your choosing. This allows clients to not only use the products you are selling but also gives you the opportunity to do a consultation and provide further guidance and recommendations for you clients.

4. Keep detailed records.
Clients love to know that you know what you are doing. Keeping detailed records will allow you to make sure your services and the products you use are consistent from visit to visit. This also allows you to follow up with your clients on the products they may have purchased or if they have run out of products. More importantly it shows your clients that you are a true professional.

Finally remember that you are the professional and when you make recommendations it is with their best interest in mind.

How does that sound?


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