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  • 4 Simple Tips to Boost Skin Hydration in Winter Months

    Winter in Alberta is long, dry and takes a toll on the skin. With a few simple tips you can ensure your skin stays hydrated all winter long. Drink waterWinter brings with it the joys of hot beverages that won’t replace the need for water. Hydrate your skin from the inside out. Drinking a sufficie... View Post
  • Chemical Peel - Not as scary as it sounds

    As we age our skin's regenerative cycle or cell turnover rate slows down. Also known as desquamation, this is the natural process in which skin cells are created, sloughed away and replaced. "As babies this cell turnover rate is 14 days, as teenagers it is 21 - 28 days, middle aged 28 - 42 days a... View Post
  • Waxing vs.Sugaring

    Waxing vs. sugaring myths/claims debunked View Post