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What and why :

  • Gel hybrid formula
  • JamGel's all-in-one acrylic
  • Strong nails
  • No airborne dust
  • Smooth, flawless nails and even colour without dripping
  • Unlimited working time before curing
  • Can be used to build nail enhancements or as an overlay to strengthen natural nails
  • 50g 1.7oz

How to use :

Prep the natural nail and apply a bonding agent.

Squeeze what you need out if the tube and pick it up with the Scoop & Brush Tool.

Place the product onto the prepped natural nail. Use the brush end of the Scoop & Brush Tool with a small amount of Slip 'N' Slide Solution to shape the nail enhancement into the desired shape.

Cure for 30 seconds in and LED light or 2 minutes in a UV light.

File and shape the nail. Cleanse the shaped nail with cleaner and apply a thin coat of top coat. Cure for 30 seconds and cleanse once more.

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