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EXTEND Lash and Brow  Serum

EXTEND Lash and Brow Serum

This is how natural lash magic happens...


Eyelashes grow in circles.

Lashes grow, rest, shed and repeat.

40% of your eyelashes are growing to their full length, which takes 1-2 months. Meanwhile, 50% of your eyelashes are resting and waiting until a new lash pushes out an old one. The cycle then starts again!

Now watch what happens when you apply EXTEND!



With one swipe of our serum help lashes during the growing phase, but also in the resting phase. This will cause more hairs to grow than to rest.  More hair growth results in longer, thicker lashes 

With our combination of safe and natural ingredients, our serum will nourish and keep your lashes growing and repair any degrading hairs.

EXTEND contains naturel plan extracts, amino acids, antioxidants and peptides without any harmful ingredients.

EXTEND Does not contain any synthetic prostaglandins! We want you to join in this movement of natural fuller, longer lashes and be AMAZED!

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