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Course Calendar


  • Monday 11am-12pm | FREE Online

    Social media made easy

    Feeling overwhelmed by social media? We've partnered with Quip Creative to bring you a 1-hour FREE virtual workshop, tailored-made for beauty professionals eager to enhance their online presence without the stress.
    *Registration closes April 15
  • Thursday 11:30am-1:30pm | $75.00

    Product Knowledge - Serene

    This workshop includes complete knowledge training of the Serene skincare line. Learn and understand Serene’s active ingredients for both professional and retail products.
    Registration closes April 19
  • Monday 9am-4pm

    Advanced Waxing

    Become proficient in head-to-toe waxing. Learn body positioning, efficient techniques to reduce time and increase profits.
    *Registration closes April 22
  • April 30-May 3

    TUEL Skincare Masterclasses

    Broaden your skincare knowledge with intimate, hands-on classes. Product Knowledge and Participation & Demo, Advanced Skin & Body (hands-on)
    Registration closes April 22
  • Theory Online | $1,575.00

    Facial Technician Course - 4 Weeks

    Discover the ultimate pathway to becoming a skilled facial technician with our comprehensive course. From mastering techniques to understanding skincare essentials, embark on your journey towards excellence. Begin with theory online, once successfully completed, in-person practical to follow.