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Microbeau International

Since 2017, Microbeau International has been engineering innovative products for the Permanent Make Up (PMU) industry with the intent to simplify and enhance each procedure, no matter where the artist stands in their career.
  1. Vertix Nano Membrane Cartridge Needles
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  4. Vertix Pico Membrane Cartridges
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  7. Inga Babitskaya Wendy Brown for brows - perma blend
  8. TENDER CARAMEL Inga Babitskaya for lips- perma blend
  9. CREAMY CORAL Inga Babitskaya for lips - perma blend
  10. HEN PARTY Inga Babitskaya - perma blend
  11. Perma Blend eyeliner pigment - Black Hole
  12. Perma Blend pigment - Cafe Cream
  13. Perma Blend pigment - Vanilla Chai
  14. Evenflo lip pigment - Bare
  15. Evenflo Quatro Set - lips brows pigments
  16. Perma Blend lip pigment - Sweet Melissa
  17. Perma Blend lip pigment - Orange Crush
  18. Perma Blend eyeliner pigment - Blackish Brown
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  19. Perma Blend lip pigment - Bad Girl
  20. Perma Blend eyeliner pigment - Double Black
  21. Perma Blend eyeliner pigment - Black Beauty
  22. Perma Blend lip pigment - Passion Red
  23. Perma Blend - Blanc
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