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What and Why :

RF and EMS 

Combines five technologies in one: 5 Color LED lights, Radio frequency and EMS Microcurrent

LED Light 420nm - 620nm

  • The red light stimulates collagen, reduces wrinkles
  • The blue light calms and bacterial combative
  • The yellow reduces melanin production, stimulates lymph
  • The green detoxifies and balances
  • The purple reduces appearance of acne related scars

Radio frequency RF

  • Makes skin molecules move at high speed generating heat energy
  • Skin absobs heat to synthesize collagen
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restores elasticity

Microcurrent EMS

  • Stimulates the brain to produce unconscious muscle movement
  • Microcurrent prompts growth of collagen
  • Enhances contour

Needle free electroportation

  • Promotes rapid nutrient deposits
  • Double the absorption
  • Enhances product penetration

How to use it :

Clean your face before using the device. Use it for 12min daily. Do not watch the LED light source directly. 


  • Adopts body tempurature control, avoiding becoming too hot
  • Three times the number of electrodes = 3 times the lifting and firming action
  • Flat guide head is seamless and very comfortable to use and to clean
  • Overall dull tone, elasticity and roughness is improved
  • Skin is brightened, lifted and tightened

Forbidden to use :

Pregnant women, baby and children, any sick person, heart conditions, epilepsy clients, thyroid problems, light allergic.

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