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Facial Technician Certification Program

Prepare for Success


  • A great experience. Suzanne is an excellent trainer. She knows her stuff, professional, and the pace was perfect. I was skeptical about taking on-line workshops because I am not savvy in the technical world. I have to tell you, I was impressed. Everything went smoothly. I felt very comfortable and look forward to their future workshops.

    – Cindy Boyd

  • Suzanna, came to MC College a few months ago to go over Bernard Cassiere product knowledge. I’ve worked with the product for 5 years and I still learned new information regarding the ingredients and how it treats the skin. Suzanna made it easy to remember key points about the product and even went over skin anatomy and how it affects and treats the skin’s barrier. Looking forward to having her come back to the school for more training in the future.

    - Heather Christmas

  • It was so precise and thorough :-))

    - Harwinder D. from Canada

  • Thank you so much for the fantastic training yesterday! Excited to practice again

    - HC