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Bernard Cassiere Pineapple Slimming Body Care

Bernard Cassiere Pineapple Slimming Body Care

Why Pineapple Body Care?

Nowadays, stress and junk-food lead to disturbances responsible for the accumulation of fat in targeted areas. 
As a result there is the appearance of cellulite, a multifactorial problem against which Bernard Cassière has built a targeted attack program.

The tropical complex [pineapple + green tea + coffee] organic and fair trade helps to  sublimate the shape for a beautiful silhouette.

Objectives :

  •     Silhouette
  •     Firmness
  •     Drainage
  •     Slimming

What this line includes;


- BB Cream (tinted body cream, blurs pigments)

-Post Depilatory Milk (softens skin, slows hair growth)

-Stretchmark & Firmness Body Oil

-Slimming Gel


-Body peeling (smooths skin, firms shape)

-Institute treatment

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