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HADAKA MASSĀJI Cellulite & Detox Brush

Massāji Cellulite Brush will help to detoxify skin while performing a lymphatic drainage.

The exfoliation will help skin ageing, and improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

The regular use of Massaji Brush will have a firming and preventative effect on the formation of cellulite.

The cotton handle fits perfect in the hand to move around with the curves of your body. The boar bristles are gentle yet effective to exfoliate the skin, while the silicone nodules will massage the skin to help fight cellulite.

Ingredients: Natural Boar Bristles, Wood, Cotton Handle, Silicone Nodules

How to use: 

On dry skin, before shower or bath, brush slowly towards the body center or heart with even strokes. After shower or bath apply WONDER Body Oil or BUTTERFUL Body Butter to moisturize skin.

It is advised that Dry Brushes are cleaned regularly with mild soap and water and hung to dry and replaced as needed, depending on frequency of use

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