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Bamboo / organic aloe-vera high hydration treatment

Natural extracts of organic bamboo and aloe-vera from fair trade, combined with moisturizing agents to provide vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential to skin.

12 Treatments 

Kit includes 

  • Free: Products and Professional Training
  • 1 x Vegetal Double Peeling 100ml
  • 1 x Bamboo & Aloe-Vera Extra Moisturizing Care 30ml
  • 1 x Avocado & Sweet Almond Hyper-Nutritive Care 30ml
  • 12 x Hydralock Biocellulosic Mask 2.0 16ml
  • 1 x Hydralock Massage Cream 125ml
  • Instructions sheet

Target / Recommended for

  • Dehydrated to dry skin types, lacking elasticity. 
  • Skin with a lack of hydration, nutrition, suppleness and firmness.

Aim & Objectives 

  • Gives long-lasting moisturization
  • Attenuate the dryness of the skin and discomfort
  • Help to preserve the skin elasticity
  • Protect from climate effects
  • Strengthen the skin barrier and limit the insensible loss of water
  • Nourishes
  • Softens

Its ultra-moisturizing Biocellulose mask acts as a second skin by perfectly matching the surface of the face and helps the penetration of the active ingredients of the serum 

Main Actives 

  • Bamboo Extract : captures and fix water anti-inflammatory and restorative actions
  • Aloe-vera Extract : nourishing, regenerating, and moisturizing
  • Ophiopogon Japonicus : reinforces the epidermis barrier function


1 hour

  • Fresh complexion and visible smoothing of fine lines extended up to 2 days after 1 treatment: + 75%
  • Up to 7 days after 1 treatment: + 25%

* % of satisfaction on 20 models after 1 Bamboo & Aloe-vera High Hydration care.

  • For best results: use once a week for a series of 6
  • 12 treatments/box

Retail products of this line 

  • Bamboo / aloe-vera high hydration cream
  • Bamboo / aloe-vera high hydration sorbet cream
  • Bamboo / aloe-vera high hydration mask
  • Aquasleeping pack – high hydration night cream
  • Bamboo tears (ultra-hydrating) serum


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