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What and why :

  • Nail tip forms help you create a perfectly gel nail 
  • 100 tips
  • Clear

How to use :

Prep natural nails and apply JamGel Turn Up the Base Coat. Cure as directed. Pick and size a JamGel Acrylic Shaping Tip slightly larger than the natural nail. Fill the tip to the desired length with the Modelling Paste. Gently attach the tip to the prepped nail. Cure the nail for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or 120 seconds in a UV lamp. Gently pop the form off and reveal your perfectly shaped nail extension. Use alcohol to cleanse both the top and bottom of the enhancement. Shape and buff the free edge - no need to file the nail surface. Apply colour gel or gel polish as desired. Seal with JamGel Feeling on Top Coat and cure as directed.

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