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 Heating & light machine for acne spot & skin rejuvenation

  • The Heating & light machine for acne removing, adapt new tech transparent heating system(patent), this new tech can make light and heating treatment work at the same time.
  • This device is fitting for people who have acne. Promotes to heal acne in short time.
  • LED light therapy
    • Blue light : Kills acne-causing bacteria  
    • Red light : Heals superficial acne scars 
    • Yellow light : Prevents relapse

How to use it :

Blue lights on and heating working when the machine is ON. People will have different heating tolerance on skin, please move out to the sideways skin place when it is too hot, about 5 seconds then move back to go on making treatment. Use the machine once every 4 hours for best results. (The machine is not waterproof)

Forbidden use :

Photosensitive client, pregnant woman, kids.


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