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Hunter Got You Covered Kit
What and Why:
  • Black Diamond 2-IN-1 Shampoo & Body Wash 15ml : Uses the power of charcoal and diamonds to cleanse and revitalize hair and scalp by 
    gently removing product build up, adding shine, hydrating & softening the skin.
  • Bourbon Spice Hair & Beard Conditioner 15ml: Invigorating conditioner that is cocktailed with natural herbs and spices that promote healthy hair and beard growth while hydrating, leaving skin feeling smooth. Allows for optimal conditioning without product build up.
  • Creme De Pear 15ml: Light weight cream to oil texture, keeps beards and hair soft and smooth and moisturizes skin on the face and neck.
  • Fiber Gum 0.4oz: Fiber-like particles thicken, define texture, increase fullness all while protecting & conditioning hair. Ultimate Texture with flexible hold, Smooth classic shine with a satin finish.
  • Glass Sheen Pomade 0.4oz: Versatile Water-based formula rinses clean leaving no residue & works great on all hair textures. This modern alternative to styling gel provides medium hold with high shine.
  • Raw Matte Clay 0.4oz: Perfect for the man seeking a natural style with holding power. Non-Greasy, mouldable formulation provides freedom to sculpt and texturize any style with strong hold & matte finish.
  • Whipped Mousse 0.4oz: Used to Create straight, sleek modern styles, soften naturally wavy or curly hair & washes out leaving no residue. Infused with rich reparative ingredients that create a barrier protecting the hair from drying out or frizzing by providing medium hold with a shine. 

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