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What and Why:

This whipped foamy bath cleanser includes an eyelash cleansing brush that caters to all cosmetic eye makeups. The formula has been specifically tailored to work well with different types of extensions and formula-mixed mascaras. This gentle cleanser washes away residue and daily grime without leaving an oily residue. Rinse eyes thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

This eyelash foam cleanser bath formula is gentle enough for use every day and washes away easily without making your eyes feel tight. Your clients will love the luxurious cushiony foam on their lashes and your studio will love the way it cleans up before your set.

  • Eyelash extension foaming cleanser is oil free
  • Gentle cleanser is ideal for maintaining eyelash extensions
  • Creates a perfect canvas to start your lash lift or extension application
  • 50ml pump bottle and included a lash cleansing brush in the box

lash shampoo

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