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PodoSense foot and hand care products meets the growing needs of the population. These products are manufactured here, in Quebec, Canada. PodoSense foot and hand care products are made from high quality natural ingredients or derivatives of natural ingredients. They are also manufactured in a
laboratory duly accredited by Health Canada as a “manufacturer of natural products”, an accreditation granted after a long process of studies and analyses.
PosoSense advocates for the continuous improvement of our formulations so therefore, always being at the cutting edge of technology in terms of the effectiveness of our ingredients. All PodoSense products are made from premium natural ingredients or derivatives of natural ingredients. Some of our ingredients are even “organic” ingredients. 
This workshop includes complete knowledge training of the PodoSense Hand and Foot care line. Learn and understand PodoSense active ingredients for both professional and retail products

(Course is free with opening order starter package)

Certification: PodoSense Hand and Foot Care Product Knowledge

Prerequisite: None
Includes: Mini Manual, and Certificate of completion
Class Time: 2 hours
Class Size: N/A