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Salon & Spa Cleaning and Disinfectants

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Cleaning and disinfecting has always been imperative part of the Salon & Spa industry, especially today’s world! It’s important for your spa, salon, or wellness business to welcome clients into a clean, safe space.

Now’s the time to strategize how to keep your clients feeling safe, comfortable, and informed about what you’re doing to increase sanitization and hygiene efforts.

Lucky for us, Virox® Technologies can help. Virox® Technologies has long prided itself on developing cleaners and disinfectants that provide a safer and greener alternative to end users and the planet. Proof of this comes with multiple awards and recognition for sustainability, as well as several green certified products.

Certification: Infection Prevention Training

Prerequisite: None
Includes: N/A
Class Time: Online, self-directed
Class Size: N/A

Course Outline:

*Infection prevention

Part 1 - The Basis of infection prevention and control
Part 2 – Selecting the ideal disinfectants
Part 3 – How do germs spread in personal service settings
Part 4 – Cleaning and Disinfecting with PREempt ™
*Download a copy of your certificate of completion.