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Serene Product Knowledge

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The ingredients and methods to improve the skin and promote increased health and hydration can be had through the use of specific ingredients. Using the proper ingredient percentages which are clinically tested and approved by actual doctors in the medical field for over the past 20 plus years is in our opinion the only ingredients you should be using. With that being said, Serene ‘Professional Skin Care’ has key features which they believe separates it from other skin care lines. Serene ‘Professional Skin Care’ is dedicated to skin care professionals and their clients. Committed to excellence from the products create and sell, to the support the demand.
This workshop includes complete knowledge training of the Serene skincare line. Learn and understand Serene’s active ingredients for both professional and retail products

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Certification: Serene Product Knowledge

Prerequisite: None
Includes: Mini Manual, and Certificate of completion
Class Time: 3 hours
Class Size: N/A