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TEC-PRO mini portable rechargeable drill

Available in Black

  • Professional Salon Quality: Tec-Pro’s Mini nail drill makes all manicures easy. The portable nail kit is ideal for applying Gel Polish, Acrylic, Dipping Powders, and Poly Nail Gel. The cordless drill also removes dead skin off nails and files calluses.
  • Powerful 15,000 RPM Brushless Motor: Customers and nail technicians experience a quiet, smooth, and more pleasant manicure with our robust motor that doesn’t vibrate and produces less heat. The efile’s frictionless motor is Made in the USA and can handle any professional or personal nail care job.
  • Portable and Rechargeable: Work anywhere you want, even when there’s no electrical outlet available. The professional nail drill gives you the freedom to do manicures from your salon, home, or on the road.
  • LED Light: The LED lights up the filing area allowing for easy viewing to complete any manicure. 
  • 3-hour Battery Life: Perform multiple manicures without the need to recharge your Tec-Pro Mini portable nail drill. At full charge, the electric nail file provides up to 3 hours of extended use and can be recharged anywhere with an outlet.
  • Forward or Reverse Modes: The easy-to-operate controls make the efile perfect for all manicure tasks. Nail technicians can quickly change between forward and reverse modes on the TecPro Mini efile.
  • Lightweight Hand Piece: No more numb hands with Tec-Pro’s Mini ergonomic, lightweight design. It’s easy to hold and doesn’t vibrate, making long nail service more pleasant, even for beginner nail tech students.
  • Quiet and No Vibration: Nail technicians feel less tired after extended use because of Tec-Pro’s Mini ultra-smooth, super-quiet motor. The rechargeable nail file’s brushless motor is powered by magnets for a polished performance.
  • High Torque and Fast Speed: Make quick, efficient work of nail care tasks with speed and power at your fingertips. Even at fast speeds, the electric manicure tool runs quietly and smoothly for all mani-pedi services. 
  • Fits Any Standard 3/32" Bits: Conveniently change bits to suit any nail care tasks. 
  • Twist Locking Chuck Mechanism: Change bits quickly and safely as your manicure requires.
  • Worldwide Charging: Charge the Lithium Battery anywhere in the world in either 110V or 240V.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee and Professional Service: The Tec-Pro Mini Nail Drill comes with a 1-year warranty.

3 Reasons Brushless Motors are better than DC Motors.

  • Magnetic Power — Brushless motors use magnets to generate power. They generate no friction, produce less heat, and perform better than DC motors, providing a more comfortable experience.
  • Brushless Efficiency — Brushless motors are up to 20% more efficient than DC motors and produce more rotational force with less power.
  • Longer Life Expectancy — With no Brushes to wear down, brushless motors can run for tens of thousands of hours vs. 1K-3K for the average Brush motor. This means less cost to replace parts.
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