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What's in this kit?:
  • Deep black dye 15ml
  • Bluish black dye 15ml
  • Brown dye 15ml
  • Light Brown dye 15ml
  • Regenerating cream 15ml
  • Special solution oxidant cream 60ml
  • Protector cream 50ml
  • Protector paper for dye 25pcs
  • Dye applicator brush
  • Dye dish

Tint -  Thuya Tints and Double Action!

What does Double Action mean in Thuya Tints? 

  1. Thuya Tints deliver beautiful combinations of colors.
  2. Because of their active ingredients, including ARGAN OIL and KERATIN, Thuya tints are considered a cosmetic treatment.

ARGAN OIL hydrates and restores smoothness to the hair. When you apply Thuya Tints Argan oil is instantly absorbed by the hair, providing a silky, healthy, and beautiful appearance while repairing and nourishing the hair. Vitamin E, which Argan oil is high in, helps increase hair's elasticity and shine.

KERATIN improves elasticity, restores moisture and shine, strengthens your hair making it look healthier.

Thuya's new and innovative Color Active formula provides an even, gorgeous, and long-lasting color.

What does number 3 mean on Thuya's Tint packaging? 

It means it’s infused with Keratin, Argan Oil and Color Active.

More reasons to love Thuya tints!

  • Thuya tints work great for covering grey hair.
  • Thuya tints are Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested.
  • Thuya tints are resistant to water.
  • Thuya eyebrow and eyelash tints intensify the natural look without needing to use mascara or make up.

Great, long lasting color but also strengthens and repairs with regenerating argan oil, aloe vera and keratin.

Regenerating cream Hydrates and strengthens eyelashes in a natural way. The Argan oil, also known as liquid gold, has cosmetic properties to help strengthen, nourish and regenerate the eyelashes. The other active ingredient: Vitamin E improves the internal hair structure and revitalizes it, and also repairs damage caused by external agents. Since it contains natural antioxidants, it is highly recommended to use daily after tinting.

Special solution oxidant cream - Creamy texture, prevents spills. Easy application, comfortable and safe. Perfect to improve the results of the lashes tint. White color to control its correct application

Special Dye Protector CreamProtects the eye contour from color stains, works with protector paper

Protector paper -Indicated to protect the lower part of the eye and the eyelid during the eyelash dye application treatment. A pack contains 25pcs. Protects the eye contour from color stains. Use with skin cream.

Dye applicator brushprecise defined brush specially designed for mixing and applying eyebrow and eyelash dyes, tints, henna, and perming solution for lash lift and brow lamination

Dye Dish - Used to mix perm solutions and dye/tint 

Approx. 60 uses per tint tube

Valued at $121.75

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