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Facial sheet mask

Hyaluronic acid BioAqua mask - improves dryness and dehydration

Centella BioAqua mask - moisturizing, smoothing 

Repair cold pack yiranmei mask - moisturizing, cooling, replenishing, relieving, repairing, brightening, improves dry and dull skin

Rose essence BioAqua mask - improves elasticity, dull and dry skin 

Vitamin C Sadoer mask - brightening, moisturizing, smoothing, improves elasticity 

Aloe vera BioAqua mask - hydrating, moisturizing, softening, improves elasticity 

Sodium hyaluronate mask - moisturizing, replenishing, improves water retention 

Nutrition polypeptide mask  

Fullerene polypeptide mask 

Olive Sadoer mask - moisturizing, smoothing, brightens skin tone 

Blueberry BioAqua mask - moisturizing, softening, hydrating, plumping 

Goat milk Sadoer mask - improves dullness, moisturizing, pluming 

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